Thursday, February 24, 2011

Homeschooling in Africa

I recently found the following on a blog:
This is an idea I have been toying with for long. Here in Kenya school children are overburdened by the education system. Learning should be fun. When kids leave home before their working parents and arrive after them with home work to last till 11pm ........?!
What is happening in your community? Is home schooling a better option? Have I missed out on some advantages of public or private school?
Hey Id like to hear from you all in Africa and beyond. Thank you 

My short answer: 

Homeschooling is definitely an option to consider. We have homeschooled our 4 children in South Africa and would do it again!

We started in 1996 and our last son wrote Cambridge AS levels in 2010.

When we started it was not common at all. It was not easy, but it is rewarding and the fruit of the effort makes it worthwhile.  I believe that many of us in Africa can benefit by educating our  children at home.  I plan to discuss this in more detail on this blog. Follow me and come back for more soon.

Johan Grobler
Retired Homeschool Father
PS I also maintain a homeschool resource website at  

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